Need to solve problems and be creative? Have a good night's sleep

Hi, I was supposed to write something else but the last few weeks the sleep deprivation hit me really hard. I was banging my head thinking of what I should write next and nothing came up.

So, first my apologies for not delivering what you expected to receive, but I’ll try to use this problem and expand on the topic.

Key takeaways and actions to help (podcast and my own experience)

  • Sleep deprivation affects all aspects of life

  • Take a short nap during the day, if you can

  • Daily habits helps

  • No high carbs before bed

  • Limit alcohol

  • Exercise during the day

  • Go outdoor

  • No screens 1-2 hours prior to bed

My sleeping pattern changed a lot during the last few years. First, when I had the company, from time to time I caught myself in the middle of the night thinking if I could make the ends meet, what I could do to improve the company, if some proposals would get approved and all that stuff.

After a while, I used this simple framework whenever I had an apparently impossible problem to solve in the same day:

  • Go home

  • Exercise

  • Shower

  • Rest and sleep

The next day, the impossible problem to solve was magically sorted

After selling the company, my sleep pattern became way more stable.

A new sleep pattern, the one I thought didn’t exist, came alongside the baby. He completely changed what I thought about sleep routines. “Did I sleep 4 hours straight? Really?! My dreams came true!!“

6 hours sleeping? “Hold on, something is wrong. Let me see if everything is ok! Oh no, he just woke up because I went to see him!”

In the last few weeks though the lockdown consequences made its appearance as you see in our sleep pattern

In summary, I’m sleeping on average, 5 hours/night, broken down into smaller chunks. With the end of lockdown and my little one back to his “new normal life”, we’re expecting to have this problem sorted. Well, let’s see.

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