We are changing...well, adapting

I know some or most of you signed up to this newsletter expecting to read more insights about pre-internet companies. I totally understand if you unsubscribe and would do the same if I came here to read about those companies only.

The latest editions I shared problems and successes in my personal/professional life. I was astounded by the reaction. People telling the articles helped them a lot. Those articles made them aware of serious problems. I think I’m starting my journey in the right way to help people.

Burnout, emptiness, sleep deprivation…harmful problems. We should talk openly about all of those issues to help others. Unfortunately, it’s not all glory as we think it is.

I want to share stories of other entrepreneurs, also talk about what I have learned, problems I faced (professionally and personally speaking), what I’ve been doing, interesting things I read during the week. Well, as you see, there is a lot to talk about.

I’ll be as consistent as I can, writing every couple of days. Expect to receive emails whenever I finish writing. Why? This way I assure you will feel how I’m feeling at the moment I hit send.

Ps.: I’ll not stop writing about pre-internet companies, but correlating them with editions whenever I see fit

Many thanks.

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