Tennis techniques improved my entrepreneurial skills

I left the "lurker" life to being on court

I always loved watching tennis matches, since Pete Sampras’ and Andre Agassi’s era. Yes, I’m getting old :)  Even at club level, I used to watch some matches. I was a “lurker”.

Now, it’s my time. I want to be on court. Playing rather than observing from the outside. Learn by doing. The feelings of hitting the ball. Then, I found a tennis court and an instructor. I didn’t want to be a “lurker” anymore.

My key takeaways

  • Consistency is key

  • Learn the fundamentals first

  • I love challenges

  • Constant improvement

First lesson

Excited to be on court. Starting with some basic techniques. How to hold the racquet. Feet position. Importance of bending the knees. How to swing the racquet. Body position...In my thoughts, I was: “Hmmm, honestly, I’d like to hit some balls, enough with these blah blah blah. I’ve been watching for x years, I know what to do”.

Just hit the balls

“Ok Leo, let’s start. I will release the balls on your side and you hit them to the other side”. Easy, right? “But don’t forget to bend your knees. Also your racquet position. And keep your eyes on the ball. Also point the ball with the other hand. And blah blah blah”.

Results? Balls going out of the court. To the other ones. Beyond the fence. Yellow balls everywhere. Way harder than I imagined. How am I feeling? Terrible? Never going back to the court? 

No, I’m already addicted to it

It must be the challenge of hitting the balls. The desire to make it right.

I have a lot to learn. This is only the beginning. The learning curve is long, but it will pay off. So, I gradually started making improvements. Adding one skill at a time. Being persistent.

I had lessons for more than 1 year

I paid attention to every session. After those sessions, I used to play with friends. Applying what I learned. Not focusing on winning the matches at first, but improving my game.

Now, the basic fundamentals come automatic. I don’t need to think about them when playing. Repetition is key.

Ps.: I’m not any good at tennis. But a regular, low-level weekend player. Always happy to share the court.

So, why do I like playing it?

  • The friendship

  • The challenge of improving my game

  • Exercising makes me more creative

  • Competition

Do you see any parallel with your entrepreneurial journey?

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