I failed, failed and failed again

My lessons learned

  • Engage with potential users first

  • Then, launch fast

  • Featured on mainstream news is not success guaranteed

I moved to the UK, now what?

Well, one of the reasons for my moving was to launch a startup and learn English. Going to Google Campus was the first step.

Spent days browsing the web. Hoping to have ideas.

As I was travelling often, I had an idea for an app. To list private transfers, public transport and taxis in the world’s major airports.

Here comes Airportrs: the solution to my problems

Learning from the past, I spent only 1 or 2 months building it. Then, I cold-emailed journalists (wanted to launch fast). 

It was a Sunday afternoon. I saw massive traffic.


Airportrs is a hit!! We’re on LA Times and Miami . A travel journalist used. Loved it. And wrote about it

After 2 or 3 days the traffic had gone. I don’t know what’s happening. Why no one is coming back? It’s a good product. 

Spent a few more months pushing it. Until accepting that...I had failed. I made £100 from Ads in more than 1 year.

New ideas are cropping up

I need to launch fast and fail fast to learn more. So I did it.

- InBrewers - directory of UK breweries and beers

- HotelsForVisitors - Embedded maps of Airbnbs near events

- VGMusics - directory of musics from famous games

- AllergiesAndKids - directory of products and foods for kids with allergies

- Prezzing - PR tool to automate reports

- NoAgeismInTech - Job board for 35+ in tech. Hit #1 on HN for 1 day. Featured on TheTelegraph. Also didn’t make it though

This is to name a few of my attempts.

I failed in each one of them

I’m done. I need to look for a job

“Too much wasted time. I’m not learning much. My personal relationships are not going well. The money is short”

I hadn’t updated my CV for more than 10 years. Where do I begin? What role should I be aiming for?

I started listing my skills. Software engineering? Outdated. Software Development? Outdated as well.

I moved abroad, don’t have connections here. My English speaking is not good enough.

I made myself unemployable

Being a founder = sometimes being stuck in admin tasks, financial tasks, nothing-related-to-your-skills tasks.

I’m not a specialist, but rather, a generalist.

After 8 months I finally landed a job. In a motor sport company. I do like the sports industry and sports in general. 

But what I love is helping people, giving value, learning new things every day.

Ps.: I have great admiration for each founder in the image. Don’t want to public shame them but to show that fail sometimes is part of the growing process.

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