Are you afraid of competition? Issue 14

Why is competition good?

  • It means there is a market, people already spending money

  • We are forced to consistently improve and have an USP (unique selling point)

  • Competitors might enlarge the market

WeWorkRemotely and RemoteOK

  • Pieter Levels runs RemoteOK as a Company of One

  • Low costs, high margin

  • Automated as much as possible

  • @RemoteOK started aggregating remote jobs from other websites

Gumroad and Buy Me a Coffee

  • Buy Me a Coffee started as a platform to earn from supporters

  • Now, Buy Me a Coffee’s users can sell ebooks, videos, books. This is where they compete with Gumroad

Scott’s Cheap Flights and Jack’s Flight Club

  • Scott’s is focused on the US market

  • Jack’s decided to focus on the UK market

  • They compete in the same industry (flight tickets offers) but for different locations

ConvertKit and Mailchimp

  • Almost 1/10th of Mailchimp’s traffic

  • $1.43mm MRR

Headspace and Calm

  • Little different in visits to each website

  • Space in the market for both apps

How do you differentiate from your competitors? Would you be happy naming a few of them?

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